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The Association for Neurodiversity in Video Games (ANVG) exists to enable gaming companies to better understand, engage and embrace neurodiversity in the production and content of video games. We want to change culture, so people’s differences are seen, accepted and celebrated.

Autistic UK explain that: “Neurodiversity is an essential form of human diversity. The idea that there is one ‘normal’ or ‘healthy’ type of brain or mind or one ‘right’ style of neurocognitive functioning, is no more valid than the idea that there is one ‘normal’ or ‘right’ gender, race or culture.

ANVG want to break down existing barriers between communities so everyone can become the best version of themselves, and this means changing people’s attitude towards what have previously been considered “disabilities”. We want to demonstrate that all people have hopes, dreams and ambitions – we’re all totally different AND very much the same – we all have a valuable contribution to make.

Gaming is a powerful conduit connecting many different people, and through which culture is created. It has the power to ‘be the change’ we want to see in the world.

ANVG experts liaise with gaming companies to challenge old stereotypes and bring fresh perspectives to game development during the production, assessment and reflective stages of gaming projects, helping companies create better products, and inevitably digital environments, for the diverse audience they cater for.

The Association for Neurodiversity in Video Games

Welcome to the Association for Neurodiversity in Video Games. We believe gaming can be an incredible power for good, it can be a uniting force that brings people together regardless of colour, race, gender, religious beliefs sexual preference, age or any number of perceived “ differences”. It can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and skill levels. It has massive potential just look at the figures below from 2016....

The U.K. game industry contributed $3.9 billion in GVA to the U.K. economy in 2016. In 2018, games accounted for more than half of the entire U.K. entertainment market, 51.3 percent, outselling music and video combined, for the first time. (Source. https://venturebeat.com/2019/03/18/with-record-breaking-revenue-the-u-k-game-industry-is-blowing-up/ )

With the great power these figures bring comes great responsibility. The gaming industry is often at the forefront of pushing boundaries and sharing new and emerging social values. The potential influence it can exert is huge. Part of our role is to help the industry tap into the amazing diversity of humans! We have vast experience of working with people who see the world “differently”, who experience the same things as the general population but often interpret them very differently. For many Neurodiverse (and neurotypical!) people gaming is more than a hobby, it is integral in their lives. It is therefore a privilege to be able to help bridge the gaps between different sections of our amazingly diverse communities.