About Us

We are ANVG!


We where born from an idea that emerged after Alex (our founder/director bod) found himself playing a sub quest game in Red Dead redemption 2 which required him beat up a man with Learning Disabilities in order to complete the level . Alex realised there had to be a better way to do this......


Alex is a National (multiple) award wining self employed support worker for people with Learning disabilities/difficulties and/or autism in fields such as Community Engagement and technology innovation. He specialises in helping people with learning disabilities get the most out of life by using the latest technology to improve their life skills and independence safely.


He knew of the huge passion for gaming many of the people he worked with had but felt they where very underrepresented within gaming and the gaming industry. We at ANVG know the gaming industry is constantly striving to improve its image and the quality of work it produces and we want to help them achieve this. Many of our members and partners are people who are “experts by experience” and have experienced the reality of neurodiversity in a neurotypical world. They may have learning disabilities, autism, aspergers, an acquired brain injury or mental health condition or anyone of a thousand other “labels” which means they often feel separated (or even segregated!) from the world they find themselves living in. For them gaming is often a refuge in which they can participate on an equal footing , we want the gaming world they love to truly represent them in all their glorious diversity not to be an imagined image of a neurotypical “nirvana”. 


ANVG are a social movement for change to have better representation, diversity and inclusion within both games and the gaming world for the people we represent. We want our members to help advise , inform, educate and challenge the stereotypical view of what gaming is and what it should be.